About Zilele Tehnice Studențești

The International Conference of Scientific Projects "The Technical Days for Students®" is an action of national prestige in the university centre of Timisoara and not only, this year being the 22nd edition.

Since the first edition TDS, it started with a scientific comunication in wich the participants, coming from multiple university centres in this country were stimulated to value their creative potential, nu exposing of some present topics in the scientific domein, and, of course, they were encouraged to present their research projects.


Starting with the 10th edition, this conference has became known international wise, through the participation of a significant noumber of students from european university centres, such as France, Italy and Germany. In the following editions, the noumber of foreign students has grown, pleasing us with the prezence of students from Hungary, Serbia, Moldova, Poland and many others countries from Europe and Asia.

At the end of the conference, the scientific projects aprooved by the teachers' cometee will be found in a volume, published by the Politehnica of Timi?oara Publishing House. All participants will recive a volume of The International Conference of Scientific Projects "The Technical Days for Students".


Respecting the tradition of this conference, in this edition also we wish to offer the participants the possibility of publishing and presenting their scientific projects and interact with other young people, pasionatte of research, through different activities, such as:

  • Scientific comunication session,
  • Professional contests,
  • Trainings, seminares and workshops,
  • University visits,
  • Company visits,
  • Socio-cultural activities;


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