Worksheet redaction requirements

1. Summary

It represents a concise redaction of the worksheet’s content, of its essential ideas, followed by a short synthesis of its results, conclusions and recommendations, with emphasis on the author’s contribution.

The summary will end with a phrase that will specify the nature of the project (fundamental/applicative research) and the justification of: the elements of fundamental/applicative research, the design of a product or a component, theoretical and/or experimental studies, the elaboration or upgrade of a technology, the solving of contract problems or self endowment of the laboratories, the expertise of the equipment/components, etc.

The key words will be in the language that the worksheet is written in, one line from the summary, left/right paragraph, in italic.

2. Project redaction form

The project is to be mandatory edited in a text editor, all equations, drawings, tables, and figures included in the worksheet. The whole project is to be redacted with the help of a computer, including its text, also its mathematical relations and drawings.

The written part of the project will extend to a minimum of 7 pages, A4 format ( top margin 2.5 cm, bottom margin 2.5 cm, left margin 3cm, right margin 2cm), spacing of 1.5, using Times New Roman fonts with a dimension of 12. It will be used a header of 1.5 cm (ARIAL 10) containing the title of the worksheet/title of the chapter, also a footer with page counting in Arabic numbers, centered, in the format page number/total page number.

For the projects which have two authors, the project spread must be larger, being decided by the project leader.

The project is organized in chapters and subchapters. Those of which will be organized in paragraphs, each one of these being well structured. The number of paragraphs must not be exaggerated, and the “granulation” (division by chapters and subchapters) of the worksheet must not be random. The introductive chapter and the conclusive chapter must offer a synthesized image of the diploma project.

Chapter and subchapter counting will be done using headers. The title will be written with capital letters, centered, and bolded. Titles and subtitles will also be bolded, having a margin of 15mm. The text of the worksheet will have a 15 mm right and left margin (Justify).

The style of the redaction must be simple, coherent, and based on specialized terms. The text redaction will be objective. The written part will be mandatory illustrated with explicative images included in the text.

Relations, tables, and figures will be counted in chronologic order, on each chapter, and included in the text (e.g. figure 1.3, table 1.3, equation 1.3). Text references of relations will be done by indicating a number of order, written between round brackets. It is recommended the use of counting and automated references facilitated by the text editor.

In both text and graphics must be used standard symbols and terminology, and the units of measurement will be in concordance with the international system unit.

For every element in a relation (used for the first time), it will be specified it’s meaning. For mathematical relations, the meaning for each symbol and the value for every coefficient will be specified in a new line, in chronological order.

Mathematical operations and tables will be usually inserted separated from the text. Figures should be made and compressed to the optimal size for printing. The positioning remains at the wish of the author.

When inserting a table in text “Table no.” will be written above it, followed by automated counting which will include the chapter’s number, a dot, and the table’s number. When inserting a figure in text “Fig. no.” will be written bellow it, followed by a counting similar to the one of the table.

In both cases, before and after tables/figures a space will be left free (recommended to be the size of a full row), so that those will stand out and not meddle with the text.

Footnotes will be counted as they appear in text and will be written in Times New Roman 10 font, one row apart, left/right alignment (Justify)… to the example below:

"V. Stoica, Rezoluţiunea şi rezilierea contractelor civile, Editura ALL, Bucureşti, 1997"

The bibliography will be written at the end of the worksheet on a new page.

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